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Welcome to the Susan X Meagher official website.

I'm glad you're here and I hope you come back often. I love to hear from readers, so join one of my social media groups on the contact page and send me a note.

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Vacationland by Susan X Meagher

Imagine five days in early March vacationing in Maine's pristine wilderness. Now re-imagine that scene, but make it a team-building exercise with co-workers that Sunny Thompson isn't overly fond of. Bonding only comes from being tested; a situation unlikely to happen when you're traveling with a remarkably pretty and stunningly fit woman who is one of Maine's best guides, Devin Savary. What could possibly go wrong?

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What's Up

My newest book, Vacationland, has just been released. Check it out below. The book and e-book are available for order at Brisk Press.

United - the twenty first book in the series is available at Brisk Press. Both eBook and print book will be available at www.briskpress.com.

Brisk Press, my official publishing site, has all of my printed books and e-books available for purchase. Go to www.briskpress.com and navigate to the appropriate tab to purchase either print books or e-books.

Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy the books.

The San Francisco Series

by Susan X Meagher

The twenty first installment of the serial novel I Found My Heart In San Francisco.

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